Our Mission

 To fight fiercely and relentlessly in all battles for the advancement of the churches and the Gospel, to produce radical Christians who work for God, to go to heaven and to hear Jesus say - "Well done, good and faithful servant". 

Dag Heward-Mills

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills

Founder of Lighthouse Chapel International

Lighthouse Chapel International is a Christian church that was founded by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills in Ghana, West Africa in 1985 under the name Korle-Bu Christian Centre; it was changed to the current name in 1987.

Bishop Heward-Mills is also a renowned evangelist who has taken the gospel to many remote locations in Africa through his Healing Jesus Campaign. He is also the author of 100 books, including the bestseller Loyalty and Disloyalty; there are currently 40 million books in print in 50 languages.

The church has a humanitarian charity, Help the Helpless, which seeks to help the blind, prisoners, the poor, the sick, and widows. It also has an orphanage, The Lighthouse Christian Home, and a primary school, The Lighthouse Christian Mission School, both of which are under the management of his wife, Lady Rev. Adelaide Heward-Mills. The church also has Anagkazo Bible School, which trains people for the ministry.

Lighthouse Chapel International has over 4,000 branches in 92 countries worldwide. It is fast becoming one of the biggest denominations in the world.

St. Katheryn's Hospital

Built in June 2006, The Lighthouse Mission Hospital, now the St. Kathryn’s Hospital in honor of the Great Healing Evangelist Kathryn Kulman, has not only come into existence, but currently rubs shoulders with top private Medical Facilities in Accra and Ghana as a whole.

The Hospital started out as part of a larger Humanitarian Effort. This included a Prison Ministry that  reached out to Prisoners all over the city month after month with; Hot Meals, the Word of God and  anything and everything that made life behind bars as humane as possible. It also started an Outreach  to support Beggars (most of whom were blind or lame) as well as a wing to assist Schools for the  Visually and Hearing impaired, among others.

The name was then changed to Help the Helpless Charity as an attempt to maintain the wider Humanitarian Vision, and is now the famous St. Kathryn's Hospital that has brought healing to many people with various diseases.

‘I was hungry and you fed me, I was thirsty and you gave me a drink, I was homeless and you gave me a room, I was shivering and you gave me clothes, I was sick and you stopped to visit, I was in prison and you came to me.’ Matthew 25:35

St. Elizabeth's Home

The Orphanage, formerly Lighthouse Christian Children’s Home, now St. Elisabeth’s Home started in May 2006 by our First Lady, Episcopal Sister Adelaide Heward-Mills, in obedience to Prophet Dag Heward-Mills’ desire to fulfill Matthew 25:35-40.

Nestled in the beautiful, serene mountain range of Aburi Jamaicaso in the Eastern Region of Ghana, the home started with 3 dormitory-style accomidation for boys, girls, and a nursery. It now boasts of twenty-one 4-bedroom apartments, catering for family-style living, where a mother lives with 6 children of varying ages.

Currently in-house, we have 44 children aged between 3 months and 24 years; but the home has been shelter for about 80 children since inception.

I believe that there is Jesus in every prison, for He says: “I was in prison, and ye came to me” (Matt 25:36)

Help the Helpless Charity

The Help the Helpless Charity has made it a point to visit and  donate food to prisoners all around Accra each year. Since it’s inception in 2008, Help the Helpless  celebrates Christmas and Easter with our brothers and sisters in delicious style. Help the Helpless  donates a hot pack of Jollof Rice or fried rice with grilled chicken, or a KFC Streetwise 2 Meal, plus a chilled bottle of coca-cola and water to every prisoner in Accra; male, female, guilty or innocent.

A few years after 2008, these outreaches became monthly. Currently over 700 prisoners in prison cells all over Accra get this special package which most free citizens cannot afford. And it does not  end in Accra. Help the Helpless has reached out to prisoners in other nations like La Cote D’Ivoire, Uganda, Liberia and many more African countries.

Now even Abraham Maslow will confirm the fact that it will be difficult to reform a hungry and cold  prisoner. Aside food donations, Help the Helpless Charity has improved the lives and living conditions  of prisoners. Free health screening and clinics have been held for hundreds of prisoners in  Accra. In Uganda, a whole prison facility including toilets and the police station itself was renovated.

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